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AK-74 bulletproof body armor will be supplied



AK-74 bulletproof body armor will be supplied


MND announced quality improvements for clothes and equipment




AK-74 bulletproof body armor and integrated combat vests with a detachable pouch will be newly supplied to the military this year. Also, the new functional winter clothes supplied since 2010 will be offered to all remaining soldiers of the GOP division on the front line, making the completion date of supplying them to the entire army three years early, by 2016 instead of 2019.


MND announced the supply standard of clothes and equipment as well as quality improvements, saying that it would enhance the combat mission capability of soldiers and upgrade barracks living conditions with constant quality improvement and the betterment of procurement and supply system.


NIJ III level of protection performance standard is applied to an armor plate inserted in the multipurpose body armor so that it is even possible to protect from AK-74 bullets, upgrading the protection performance to AK-47 bulletproof. Not only is its protective area extended to protect shoulders and the scrotum but it is easy to wear due to partially detachable pouches.


By applying  the Molle system, the best feature of this integrated combat vest is the module-type pouches that are detachable by item. It is expected to improve operations activity conditions with easily carried items necessary for operations.


The material of the vest is changed from polyester to nylon66 to strengthen durability and it has five digital colors applied instead of the existing spotted pattern to improve its camouflage effect.


Meanwhile, a bulletproof helmet improves its partial component to make it wearable. There is a buffer pad inside the helmet so it does not press on the top of the head, and its chin strap is changed to a two-point to a four-point system. It is to designed reduce fatigue when wearing the helmet, cushion the external impact, and improve sense of stability.


MND will furnish upgraded individual equipment such as a waistband, functional gloves, lining and upper of winter tops, a poncho, combat and general raincoats from 2015 to 2017. The buckle of the new waistband is changed from iron to a nonferrous material and it becomes much easier to put on. The new functional gloves have a higher wearing sensation, insulation and convenience. Thanks to the excellent techniques, the functions of heat retention and moisture proof/permeability of the lining and upper of winter tops have been increased as well as the dampproof/moisture permeability and durability of raincoats.


In addition to this, MND is going to offer cash payments instead of goods such as toothpaste and toothbrushes from this year to assure each individual’s taste. Beginning in 2015, supplied items including toilet paper, soap powder, shoe polish and razor blades will be replaced by a cash payment. Also, MND supplies two functional pairs of military shoes and pillowcases per individual, not for the military unit, to improve the hygiene level. For the army soldiers, MND will offer new sports caps to wear during sports activities and activities in barracks for each.


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