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Cheonghae Unit-UAE Navy Combined Training

Cheonghae Unit-UAE Navy Combined Training


Cheonghae unit, dispatched to UAE to protect our people and ships staying in waters off Somalia, has conducted a combined training with the UAE Navy on the sea neighboring Fujairah harbor.


On February 24, the joint chiefs of staff said that the 14th Choi Young Ham and 14th Gang Gam-chan Ham relieved their mission on February 10 and executed the combined training to improve military cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries.


The two navies developed various kinds of marine training such as tactical maneuvers, air-sea coordinated ASW (antisubmarine warfare), maritime counterterrorism, and UNREP (underway replenishment). The UAE Navy in particular embarked two operation officers on each vessel to share and learn the Korean Navy’s tactical operations.


Captain Al Shehi observed the air-sea coordinated ASW training conducted with a Korean destroyer and LYNX, a helicopter for sea operation, and said that it was a great opportunity to see and learn the Korean Navy’s high-quality ASW capabilities in the face of threats by submarines.


After the training, commanders of training ship on the Choi Young Ham commented on the training. Captain Choi Seong-mok, the commander of the 14th Cheonghae unit, who directed this training, said, “With today’s training, we can improve the operational capability of the two navies. I hope that it will be a good chance to enhance military cooperation as well as to develop the tactical partnership between our two countries.”


Meanwhile, the 14th Cheonghae unit has completed its mission with success and is going to stop at ports in India and Vietnam to start military diplomatic activities and hold an invitational event for overseas Koreans, and finally return to Busan on March 11.


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