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NLC rolls up its sleeves for the perfect combat readiness

NLC rolls up its sleeves for the perfect combat readiness


NLC (Naval Logistics Command) rolls up its sleeves and gets down to work to improve the maintenance capacity of our Navy.


On February 25, NLC invited nine officials of Thales, a Dutch company in the defense industry, to the camp and held a follow-up logistic support coordination meeting related to maintenance and supply contract.


Thales has developed a fire control system, 3-D medium-range track radar, and 30mm Goalkeeper, a close-in weapon system operated on a destroyer more than DDH level, which is our Navy’s core strength.


NLC and Thales focused on quality assurance of the goalkeeper and the fire control system, the current situation of maintenance and supply of main repair parts to make logistic support cooperation smooth, as well as maintenance technology transfer issues.


Executives of Thales promised to make an early delivery of urgently required parts and actively provide the maintenance technology-related data necessary for advanced equipment maintenance.


In addition, sympathizing with the establishment of a Naval support center where technical personnel of Thales reside, it was to actively cooperate with maintenance support for the Korean Navy.


NLC came up with a result to consolidate the cooperation system, such as stable securement of main parts and reduction of required time for maintenance, with a high-tech weapon system manufacturing company through this meeting.


With this, NLC gained a foothold to assure the fighting power of operating forces and develop the maintenance technology.


Captain Kang Seung-hyuk, the administrator of the surface ship, who held the meeting, said, “We can solve most of the limitations taken place during the follow-up logistic support through the working-level meeting with Thales. We will keep trying to contribute to the perfect combat readiness by enhancing the cooperation system with overseas defense companies.”


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