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Sharing a closer friendship of blood allies through volunteer wo...


Sharing a closer friendship of blood allies through volunteer work


Korean and U.S. Navy deliver warmth to local residents with volunteer service of love.


Twenty soldiers of the technical administration institution, Naval Education & Training Command, and 80 CFAC (Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae), the subordinate unit of the U.S. 7th Fleet, developed combined volunteer activity at Aekwangwon, the welfare facilities for the disabled, in Geoje, Kyeongsangnam-do, on March 2. 


There were many participants who took part in this volunteer work such as students from Koje University and Haeseong High School students, and local residents as well as a great number of chief officials including Brigadier General Lisa M. Franchetti, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea, honoring the event.


Korean and U.S. sailors maintained every part of the facility and started mushroom-seed work. Also, they had a wonderful time with the disabled going for walks, playing games and having meals together.


“It was precious time to refresh the friendship of blood allies through this combined volunteer work. We’d like to continue various programs and share the friendship,” said the Institution official.


The institution and CFAC have been building a close relationship through continuous exchange activities such as support for English and Korean language courses. 


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