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Finished the Korea-US TTX

Finished the Korea-US TTX



On January 16, MND said TTX had been completed with success, held in the U.S. Pacific command for two days, on the 14th and 15th, and participated in by national defense and diplomacy from Korea and the U.S.


MND stressed that, with this exercise, it strengthened the firm will and policy of the Korea-U.S. alliance to confront North Korea’s nuclear threat and WMD(weapons of mass destruction).


“This exercise has improved the level of joint information and knowledge about practical application of customized deterrence strategy as well as operations and procedures in Korea. It was a particularly good chance to reconfirm the tenacious will and resolution against nuclear and WMD threats of North Korea,” MND stated.


Forty national defense and diplomatic officials in total attended at this TTX including the Korean Deputy minister for national defense, Ryu Je-seung, a U.S. Deputy undersecretary of nuclear and missile defense policy, Elaine Bunn, and of East Asia, David Helvey, as the chief representatives, respectively.


During the exercise, participants discussed nuclear and/or nonnuclear power of the alliance for customized deterrence and debated countermeasures based on nuclear threat scenarios from North Korea. In addition, they visited facilities and assets of the U.S. for extended deterrence in Korea, such as the air operations center.


Since the EDPC (Extended Deterrence Policy Committee) was established in 2010 to enhance the deterrence against nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, Korea and the U.S. have held TTX related to extended deterrence measures involving EDPC participants every year since 2011.

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