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[Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo 2022] Look! The Past, The Present, and The Future of the Military, Resonate! Harmony for W...

[Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo 2022] Look!

[Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo 2022] Look!

[Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo 2022] Look!

Spectacular fanfare…crowded with 130,000 visitors

Spectacular fanfare…crowded with 130,000 visitors

Spectacular fanfare…crowded with 130,000 visitors


“You look great. Why don’t you get on board the tank? Let me take a picture of you!” “Mom, I want to be a soldier when I grow up!”


On the morning of October 7, as the warm autumn sun peeked through clouds, a runway next to the Gyeryongdae military headquarters was overcrowded with people. The vast runway filled up with service members from each armed service, kids wearing military uniforms, students wearing school uniforms, and seniors on group tours. Tallying about 130,000 visitors for the day, the expo was a huge success.


The expo is an international event that armed forces across the world can join, which was extended from the ‘ground forces festival’ held centering around the Army from 2007 to 2019.


The opening ceremony was attended by about 3,500 people, including Governor of Chungcheongnam-do Kim Tae-heum, Mayor of Gyeryong Lee Eung-woo, Co-chairperson of the Expo Organizing Committee Jang Joon-kyoo (former Army Chief of Staff), Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-chul, as well as the Army Chief of Staff, Navy Chief of Staff, Air Force Chief of Staff, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps, all of whom expressed their wish for the event to make successful progress.


The ceremony began with a spectacular flight by the Air Force aerobatic team, the Black Eagles. The flight was followed by a Taekwondo military martial arts demonstration, the entrance of military bands and honor guard from other countries, a congratulatory performance by the ministry’s military band and honor guard, and firework show, all of which drew substantial applause from the audience.


“This military culture expo has great significance in the way that the Republic of Korea, the only divided nation in the world, delivers a message of peace to the world. I hope you can make unforgettable memories here through the many attractions and experience programs we have prepared for people of all ages,” said Mayor of Gyerong Lee Eung-woo.



Opening ceremony starts with spectacular flight by Black Eagles

80 different types of combat equipment including a K2 howitzer exhibited on the runway

Soldiers on active duty become docents to explain the advanced combat equipment to audiences

Expo offers diverse permanent stages including concert and contest, and

19 different experience programs including boarding a helicopter



The expo features an abundant range of attractions and things to enjoy, including exhibition of weapons and military equipment


Fittingly for a uniquely comprehensive military culture festival, the most advanced military equipment was on display at the venue. About 80 pieces of combat equipment, including K9A1 self-propelled howitzers and K2 Black Panther tanks, were exhibited on a runway. Active duty soldiers became docents (guides), explaining the equipment to visitors.


Some of the advanced equipment operated by the US Forces in the ROK were also exhibited, including the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), M270 (multiple launch rocket system), M1135 (nuclear, biological, chemical, reconnaissance vehicle), AN/TWQ-1 Avenger (mobile short-range air defense system). These drew attention from military buffs.


Seven exhibition halls allowed visitors to look at the past, the present, and the future of the military. These included the World Peace Hall, the Hope for Korean Peninsula Hall, the Republic of Korea Defense Hall, the World Military Culture and Life Hall, the Defense Experience Hall, the 4th Industry Fusion Hall, and the Local Industry Hall.


The World Peace Hall raises awareness of the history of warfare and the importance of peace, while the Hope for Korean Peninsula Hall stresses the need to establish a strong defense so as not to repeat the tragedy of the Korean Peninsula.


The ROK Defense Hall introduced the culture of each armed service, including with photos from the Daily Defense News (Kookbangilbo). Visitors could get a sense of the food, clothing, and shelter of the ROK militaries across the world in the World Military Culture and Life Hall. Visitors were also able to view the future of the ROK’s national defense, including dronebot combat system, defense-related advanced technology and products, local special products and excellent companies’ products in the Defense Experience Hall, the 4th Industrial Revolution Fusion Hall, and the Local Industry Hall, respectively.


24 different programs, including Gyeryong World Military Music and Band Concert, K-military Contest, K-military Cosplay Contest, Amateur Peace Music Contest, The Soldiers Fitness Championship, Children’s Military Song Contest, and Military Uniform Fashion Show, took place on the permanent stage.


19 experience programs, including high-altitude low opening demonstration, combat and maneuver demonstration, military equipment boarding, outdoor exhibition of weapons and equipment, barracks training, scientific equipment shooting, survival shooting, helicopter boarding, virtual reality (VR)-based shooting, drone contest and experience, robot experience, and making a plaster doll and dalgona also caught the attention of visitors. The area of Cheonhwang Peak of Mountain Gyeryong, a restricted military area that is usually closed to the public, will be temporarily opened to the public so that people can go there for security climbing.


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