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Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop checks the response posture of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying that ‘North Korea vi...

Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop checks

National Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop paid a visit to the Joint Chiefs of Staff combat control office on the 16th in order to check its response posture in relation to North Korea's repeated military provocations.


Minister Lee evaluated, “North Korea's blatant violations of the 9/19 military agreement may be well-planned and the beginning of a series of intended provocation scenarios,” adding “Recently, North Korea has continued to launch ballistic missiles despite the strong opposition of the international community, while insisting that the South Korea's legitimate shooting training was a deliberate provocation.” He also urged that our military maintain a unwavering military readiness posture against any potential provocations and threats from North Korea.


Notably, Minister Lee emphasized, “The commanders and soldiers at the operation sites must be prepared to implement decisive initial responses to exercise the right to self-defense without any hesitation if North Korea carries out any direct provocation.”

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