Defense Policy

Implementation Focus and Tasks (1/5)

Defense Innovation 4.0

We will dramatically reinforce capabilities to counter North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles with the following: a) establishment of intelligent 3K* Defense based on cutting-edge S&T including AI, and b) creation of a strategic command.

Strengthen the 3K Defense’s operation posture 1
  • Strengthen CONOPS and execution system of 3K Defense Develop operation execution system, establish operation plan, develop exercise & training system, and foster and expand professional manpower
Secure 3K Defense capability 2
  • Augment 3K Defense capability to an overwhelming extent Expand surveillance and reconnaissance capability, establish multilayered missile defense system, and strengthen KMPR capability
  • Construct intelligent 3K Defense by applying space, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum domains, and AI-based cutting-edge technology to current 3K Defense Build AI-based decision and unmanned strike system, hyper-connected intelligence defense system, and more
Establish Strategic Command 3
  • Integrate and operate strategic assets such as missiles, effectively command and control 3K Defense, and systematically lead force development
  • Establish the strategic command in 2024 by expanding and reforming Nuclear and WMD Response Center