Defense Policy

Implementation Focus and Tasks (2/5)

Defense Innovation 4.0

We will establish a military strategy commensurate with the challenging future security environment and develop future CONOPS that integrates advanced forces such as a manned-unmanned complex combat system into all domains

Develop military strategy commensurate with future security environment 4
  • Reevaluate strategic environment such as threats from North Korea and neighboring nations, high-tech development, and more
  • Develop military strategy using cutting-edge S&T based on future warfare trends
Develop S&T-based CONOPS 5
  • Devise CONOPS that systematically connects all domains in the future operational environment and ensures the efficient operation of manned-unmanned complex combat system and new concept weapon system
  • Develop a new concept of security operation on GP, GOP and coasts by applying cutting-edge technology based on AI and manned-unmanned complex combat system