Defense Policy

Implementation Focus and Tasks (5/5)

Defense Innovation 4.0

Establish an open and converged defense R&D system to maximize the scope and pace of cutting-edge S&T application in the defense sector, reestablish force augmentation process for timely use, and establish a high-performance AI infrastructure.

Defense R&D system based on innovation, openness, and convergence 13
  • Reorganize into open defense R&D system among military, industry, university and research institutes
  • Endow each service with abilities to implement R&D
  • Increase the defense R&D budget to acquire technologies such as core advanced forces, and game changer.
Reestablish force augmentation process 14
  • Establish speedy and efficient defense acquisition system Significantly shorten weapons system acquisition period by improving efficiency of requirement planning and optimizing verification and analysis phases
  • Diversify acquisition policies considering speed of S&T development Create customized R&D project led by each service, and reorganize fast acquisition program
  • Strengthen policy function of the Ministry of National Defense and build governance
Construct defense AI foundation 15
  • Secure legal and institutional basis related to defense AI
  • Establish Defense AI Center (2024) and high-performance AI infrastructure
Reorganize to innovate defense S&T 16
  • Reconstruct organizations to implement S&T and R&D policy led by the Ministry of National Defense to realize Robust Armed Forces of AI S&T