Defense Policy

Implementation Focus and Tasks (3/5)

Defense Innovation 4.0

To complete a “qualitative” change in actual combat power, we will secure advanced and asymmetric forces such as an AI-based unmanned and robot combat system, and more.

Build manned-unmanned complex combat system 6
  • Phased establishment of AI-based manned-unmanned complex combat system Stage 1: Remote control center → Stage 2: Automation pilot → Stage 3: Semi-automation expansion and Full automation realization Phased expansion of all units by testing pilot units in each service through discovery and suggestion of requirements, assessment and supplement, and validation.
  • Build AI-centered security system using AI, drones, and robots Demonstration and expansion of unmanned GOP security system
Develop CONOPS in space, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum domains, and advanced force system 7
  • Develop CONOPS in new battlefield domains Establish CONOPS and command & control architecture by space operation category, joint cyber execution procedure, and joint electromagnetic spectrum CONOPS.
  • Secure advanced forces and expand reorganization for new-domain operations Field radar space surveillance system, integrated electromagnetic spectrum information system, cyber, and warfare management system.
Build Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) System 8
  • Establish AI-based command decision and control system to optimize all-domain integrated operation in future battlefields