Defense Policy

Implementation Focus and Tasks (4/5)

Defense Innovation 4.0

We will transition to a groundbreaking military structure that can immediately respond to future operation environment, build an advanced training system and environment, and foster S&T specialists in order to realize new CONOPS and optimization of advanced weapon systems employment.

Develop military structure based on cutting-edge S&T 9
  • Develop command structure considering future combined defense, all-domain integrated operations, and all-domain command and control system.
  • Develop unit structure centered on AI-based manned-unmanned complex and robot systems
  • Estimate the scale of future standing forces and develop defense manpower structure
  • Establish force structure based on cutting-edge S&T Reorganize into force structure with qualitative advantage based on the concept of high-low mix
Establish scientific training system 10
  • Establish virtual simulation training system and scientific training sites to master tactics and techniques, and equipment functions
Amplify reserve force capability 11
  • Implement fundamental changes to build unit structure, equipment and material, and scientific training system for reserve forces commensurate with future battlefield environment
Foster S&T specialists 12
  • Foster defense S&T specialists and strengthen soldiers’ S&T capabilities to support strong S&T-based military Improve S&T system, strengthen supplementary education system for cutting-edge S&T, develop customized and specialized courses by AI mission type